The Virtual Project Manager Service

A flexible option for projects that don’t warrant taking on a full-time Project Manager.

Some projects require close attention from a full-time project manager. Others are less demanding and may only need 1 or 2 days of coordination and management spread throughout the week. This may be easy to cover if you’re lucky enough to have your own group of resident project managers that you can assign across multiple projects in parallel.

However, if you’re a smaller organisation you might not have the luxury of one skilled and dedicated PM, let alone a team of them.

Taking on a full-time contractor will be hard to justify. Taking on a contractor PM for a named day each week might help, but the tasks don’t conveniently line up and happen on that very same day every week.

Our Virtual PM Service offers you flexibility by time-slicing the support through the week to meet the needs of your project’s dynamics.

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The v-PM service is ideal if:
You are a smaller organisation embarking on an IT project involving multiple suppliers but you don’t have any in-house IT skills.

You have a support contract with an IT company but want some independent oversight on your project.

Your in-house project management skills are already assigned to other initiatives and your new project doesn’t justify taking on another full-time person – either permanent or contract.

You want somebody with experience who can coach your team and help improve your existing working methods while running the project.

We believe it is important to use our experience to support and coach the people we work with, helping them to grow.