We use our experience, knowledge and capability to help you drive up quality, reduce risk and manage costs in your IT division.

Interim IT Management

You have a gap in your IT management team – maybe because you expect a long recruitment period after a Manager has resigned, or somebody is taking an extended absence?

BLMS will provide an experienced IT Manager who can slot straight into your leadership team, taking the management overhead away for you and leaving you free to concentrate on your own role. We are flexible – starting quickly and supporting you for as long as needed.

IT Leadership

You have an important situation that needs attention. It may be a business challenge, or a problem that is impacting your organisation, but you don’t have anybody available with the right skills and experience to lead it.

A BLMS consultant will undertake a methodical analysis of the situation, evaluate options and draw up a strategic plan with accompanying business case. We will then provide the leadership capability to help you deliver.

Programme Management

You have an important change programme or a significant project about to start, but you cannot free up somebody to manage it. An existing project may have veered off track.

BLMS will provide the leadership to drive your project forward, establishing suitable governance and setting the plan. We will use our project health check to identify where things have been going wrong and help get you back on track. We will direct the work, monitoring and tracking it to completion.

Operational Resilience

You have concerns about the resilience of the processes and systems that underpin the critical services your company provides to its customers. You face potential scrutiny from your sector’s regulatory body.

BLMS will run a 5-step programme with representatives from the relevant areas of your organisation to identify the issues that are undermining the robustness of your critical business services, grade those issues in terms of severity / priority, and agree a pragmatic, achievable action plan.

IT Risk Management

Risk Management is not strongly embedded in the culture of your IT function. Your Risk Register may be overly complicated, making it difficult for staff to engage with the subject matter.

We will evaluate the maturity of your Risk Management and identify strategic development actions. We will work with you to define (or redefine) your risks, document the necessary controls, assess the strength of those controls, then establish a governance framework to help you manage your resulting Risk Register successfully.

IT Costs Review

Your IT costs are growing and you face pressure to find budget reductions. Where do you start looking for savings?

A BLMS consultant will analyse your existing cost landscape and identify potential one-time or sustainable savings. We will help you assess the impact of your investments and recommend ways to improve how you manage your IT budget. We will define metrics and reporting in a language that allows you to discuss technology costs with your business.

We can help you on a project basis, acting as consultants to provide expertise where you have gaps in your team, or by providing temporary cover for position gaps in your management and leadership team.