Avoiding IT Meltdown

A book full of best practices to help you manage your IT estate.

Avoiding IT Meltdown

We’ve all heard about large companies suffering serious IT failures. That doesn’t mean smaller organisations are immune – they just don’t make the same sized headlines.

‘Avoiding IT Meltdown’ is full of best practices accumulated over many years of IT management experience that will help you strengthen your strategies and processes for implementing, running, and supporting technology throughout your organisation.

This is not a theory laden textbook. It won’t teach you how to be a programmer or a technical guru. The emphasis is on practical hints and tips that are designed to help you minimise disruption and optimise the quality of your IT services.

Implementing just one of the suggestions in this book will more than justify your investment in reading it.

How to order a copy

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“This is such a great little companion for a weary IT professional.  After 25 years I still like a reference point, and this is so great to have in my bag to check and validate my thinking against”

Service Delivery & Operations Manager

Financial Services, Leeds

“Full of practical hints and tips, common sense, and best practices. Useful for anyone responsible for implementing and running services in technology. Great for those who are having the joy thrust upon them for the first time and want to know what to do to prepare for and expect to avoid catastrophes, right through to battle-scarred veterans who can use it as a timely reminder or prompt”

Senior Technology Leader

Financial Services, Hampshire

“An unusually well crafted, fast paced, bite-sized guide to huge parts of the IT world. A great fit for the experienced, the new entrant, and everyone in-between. A really good, engaging and simplifying read to what can seem a hugely complex world”

Managing Director

Information Technology, Sheffield

Capability Framework

The Capability Framework diagram on the left maps out the management disciplines, processes, methods and techniques we believe are required to run a successful IT operation.
Avoiding IT Meltdown focuses on the technical and operational capabilities, as shown in the chapter listing below.

The chapters are set out in bite-sized chunks and whilst they inter-relate in many ways they have each been written to be read in isolation. This means you have the option of reading it serially from beginning to end or dipping in and out of topics as and when you feel the need.

How much you decide to implement, and to what degree of rigour, will vary depending on your organisation. For example, an IT team of 10 will not need as much process and formality as an IT team of 1000.

Who is it for?

Avoiding IT Meltdown is designed for people who are involved in, or responsible for, the delivery of quality IT services.
IT Managers and Team Leaders
An ideal companion for IT managers, team managers and team leaders in larger organisations, and people who aspire to be managers. It provides practical insights into the operational aspects of the IT management role.

For an experienced manager moving to a more senior position or to a new role in a different company, this book can act as a checklist to help you quickly assess the capabilities in your new team and devise your first 90 day action plan.

IT Specialists and Project Managers
For those with an operations or service management focus, the experiences in Avoiding IT Meltdown will help you enhance the quality and effectiveness of your processes and promote their use in your organisation.

For technical specialists, developers, IT architects, and project managers, there are lots of examples of things you can do to make sure your actions have a positive impact on the quality of your IT systems.

Exec Management
This book can help you drive improvements in your IT team by knowing the right questions to ask. It’s not an IT manual. It has been written in simple language, avoiding deep technical terms wherever possible.
Computer Science students and IT Apprentices
Your course will teach you lots about application development and, if you’re lucky, it may give you a basic understanding of the management processes required to run a good quality IT operation. This book provides the real-life practical insights to give you a fuller appreciation of what it is like working inside an IT department.

A fast paced book which provides plenty of practical advice for anyone wanting to drive up the quality of their IT services.