Prevention Before Pain

The other day I found out that the wife of one of my friends has been diagnosed with cancer. As if all this Covid lockdown situation wasn’t bad enough!  I’m hoping they have found it early enough to treat and she will be ok.

Sadly, this wasn’t the only case I’d heard of recently. Maybe it’s a time of life thing.

In particular, it took my mind back to two cases of bowel cancer.

The first arose when a friend went for a routine check-up. He was experiencing no symptoms at all, everything seemed ok. But the assessment found traces and he had to have treatment straight away. Thankfully, he’s been through it all and is now in the clear.

The other case involved a friend who ended up in excruciating pain. It took time for the hospital to schedule the operation so the patient suffered for a few months.

They’ve both been through a tough time, physically and emotionally, though one had the added extra of an extended period of pain combined with the stress and anxiety of not knowing what the cause was, or whether it could be fixed.

If it were me, I’d rather have the proactive healthcheck and cure, rather than the pain and reactive cure.

Now, I know running IT systems isn’t quite the same as dealing with a life-threatening illness, but it can be career threatening. When it comes to managing, maintaining, and delivering good quality IT services there are lots of gotchas that can derail you. You may be suffering the pain with some of these right now. You will probably be oblivious to many because they’re hidden from sight, lurking below the surface.

  • The business is Growing: Are your IT management capabilities truly scalable? Or will you hit the tipping point where running IT becomes painfully inefficient?
  • The high-profile project: Estimating has always been overly optimistic and most other projects have been 2-3 months late. Why will this one be any different?
  • Implementing the new system: IT changes have been ok, but you’ve not done one as big as this for some time. Are you confident, or could it be a car crash?
  • The major incident: fortunately, you’ve never had to deal with a real big one. Will your disaster recovery plan work, or will it crumble because it’s never been rigorously tested?
  • The systems are fine as they are: They’re a bit old and haven’t been upgraded for some time, but they work ok.  Until the day when they don’t work ok and take a week to repair.

The danger lies in the “you don’t know what you don’t know” zone. Just like the health issue that hasn’t broke surface and displayed symptoms yet.

Our Critical IT Capability Assessment is designed to help you identify those risks, reducing the unknowns and generating a realistic and achievable action plan to prevent future pain. It focuses on the management processes and disciplines shown in the capability framework diagram shown below.

One thing is for sure – we can’t cure cancer.  But if any of the IT management capability points above keep you awake at night, let’s have a discussion.

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