Part-Time Project Management

During the Covid lockdown we have been enjoying helping two organisations with important IT projects. In both cases, the projects require an amount of coordination and project management but

  • neither organisation has a person available to do this
  • neither situation justifies contracting a full-time project manager for 3 to 6 months
  • hiring a project manager for a fixed day each week wouldn’t work because the organisational tasks never land that conveniently every week.

Our flexible approach means that we have been able to provide project management services on a part-time basis, working whenever it suits the dynamics of each project – typically a few hours each day through the week, sometimes as much as 3 days a week when the need has arisen.

With the lockdown restrictions preventing people going into offices, the majority of this work has been done remotely using collaboration tools and running video conference meetings. We have been used to working like this for the last 15 years. For lots of other people it has been a very new experience.

Acceptance of this way of working really does make the flexible part time project manager a viable option. Travelling between client sites just to fit in a mixture of meetings in one day would have made this very tricky.

Here’s a little insight into what we are doing.

Strategic application implementation

We are managing the strategic IT upgrade project for a hospital charity. They are upgrading their existing package applications and moving some into the cloud. At the same time, a new application is being implemented to automate remaining manual processes.

All of this requires leading and managing 3 different suppliers, a specialist consultant, and the local NHS Trust’s IT team (who provide network connectivity, office technology, and some local hosting for the charity). In the past, the charity leadership team have found themselves caught in the middle trying to resolve technical issues between the different parties. With no IT experience, they simply don’t have the knowledge or experience to do this.

We are plugging that gap for them. Along the way we have also stepped in to help them manage and execute the testing process.

Software integration

We are also working with a company who have begun a new development project. Their own project management skills and expertise is already focussed on existing workload and they needed somebody to help them on a 1-2 day per week basis to keep this new project on schedule and inside budget.

This has involved coordination of several different contractors and specialist consultants alongside some of their own staff. Additional external development resources will also be engaged in the coming months, some of that offshore.

Defining the overall plan involved breaking down work items to make tracking more manageable. This helps remove the possibility of finding out in week 6 of an 8 week activity that it is 5 weeks behind schedule.

Progress meetings with individuals, the whole project team, and the management steering group have been spread through the week and we have also managed to run some face-to-face workshop sessions too. All on a fragmented part-time basis.


If you have a project that needs some coordination and management support similar to those described above, our Part-Time Project Management service might be just the right thing for you.

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