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Banking IT Outages – True or False?
The Banking sector suffers more IT outages than any other business sector - True or False?
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De-risking the UK Financial Sector
The Bank of England have teamed up with the regulators (the PRA and the FCA) to issue a discussion paper
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What’s on your IT Risk Register?
Is it a necessary evil, or a valuable tool? Here’s 3 simple checks to gauge your IT Risk Register.
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What makes life at work uncomfortable?
How normal are you? Or maybe I should have used the title “Who makes life at work uncomfortable?” Sometimes it’s
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A Dev Ops is the big thing, but is it a better approach than organising IT specialists in Silos?
Anyone who has worked in a large IT department will be familiar with an org structure that splits people into
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A Magic Tool to help someone get more control over their workload?
When I left a client’s site recently the person I’d spent most of the time working with asked whether it
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