Introducing BLMS Consulting

Experienced Interim IT Management Cover

BLMS is a group of highly professional IT Managers. We have the breadth and depth of experience to cover capacity and capability gaps in your IT Management Team. BLMS can bring the continuity and support you need when:

  • a Manager has resigned or is taking a prolonged absence
  • you need to deliver an important piece of work and you are unable to free up anyone to do it, or you simply don’t have somebody with the required capability or experience

Momentum and Continuity

Whether it’s because of a resignation within the IT management team or a key Manager being on a prolonged period of absence, the impact on you and your senior leadership team should not be underestimated.
Finding and recruiting the right replacement is a time-consuming process and often takes a lot longer than you expected.
During that time there is an overhead and imbalance as you and your management team are drawn into covering the gap.
Without somebody to manage them, the leaderless team goes through a period of uncertainty and risks losing momentum and productivity.

Whether you require someone to lead a team of 10, 20, or 100, we integrate quickly and smoothly to ensure you are not distracted from your own goals and responsibilities.

There will be occasions when you have an important piece of  work to action but nobody available to lead it. It may involve developing a new strategy, designing and implementing a significant business or organisational change, redesigning key processes, identifying budgetary cost reductions.


You’re unable to dedicate one of your existing team to the task without causing disruption somewhere else in your operation.
Or perhaps you don’t have anybody with the right background and capability.
You need an injection of additional knowledge and experience for a short period of time.
We have the capability to step in, quickly understand your business challenge, and provide the required leadership.

Change and Grow


Class Leading Experience

With IT careers spanning more than 25 years, we bring you real management experience. We’ve been in your position – running large technical teams, dealing with complex infrastructure, handling significant budgets, managing IT risk, maintaining 24×7 operation-critical systems and delivering major IT projects.

There When You Need Us

BLMS offers flexibility. We don’t insist on a minimum contract period, we will help you for as short or as long a period as you feel necessary.

Whatever your requirement, if you:

Have an IT management position that needs filling for a month or more.
Need an injection of experience and knowledge for a few days, a few weeks, or longer.
Need short but regular intervention over an extended period of many months, giving you an independent point of view and fresh pair of eyes.



How We Add Value

We won’t simply sit back and act as caretaker for your team, we bring fresh views to give momentum and help you drive continuous improvement in your IT department.

We will take every opportunity to coach your staff, imparting our knowledge and experience to help them grow.

Having been asked to assess the IT DR plans for a Financial Services company in Leeds, BLMS brought technical support and application teams together to identify interdependencies between tasks and build the sequence of recovery activities. They gave the client a cohesive IT disaster recovery plan alongside a set of actions that would mature their DR readiness and provide a basis for estimating the recovery time required for their most critical business services.

Client confidential
Financial Services

Our charity commissioned BLMS to review our IT infrastructure to make recommendations about how to systematise our processes to upscale our capabilities. They were also asked to create the infrastructure for a new e-filing system. Importantly, we requested that a business case be prepared to present the benefits of investing in our infrastructure, which was accepted by our Trustees. We enjoyed working with Brian (our main contact), who was clear, punctual to deadlines and commitments, helpful and professional at all times.

Barbara Cathcart, CEO
Nottingham Hospitals Charity

When BLMS Consulting were engaged to help establish the Risk Management framework in the IT department they bought an injection of energy and focus. As a result of their involvement we are working much more effectively with our colleagues in the Risk department. This is critical as we evolve the approach which we are taking in the Society to manage Risk and there is now a much better understanding inside IT of what Risk Management is all about.

Steven Roche, Engagement Lead
Leeds Building Society

Mark joined my leadership team as an interim Head of IT Operations while we were recruiting a permanent hire. Mark was very quickly up to speed, dealing with those points of escalation and team management which had become a significant distraction for me. He supported our recruitment process and gave a thoroughly professional handover to get the new hire integrated into the team. Mark has brought fresh perspectives for the entire leadership team and allowed us to mature our operations.

IT Director
Financial Services company, Leeds

BLMS ran a Personal Skills Development workshop for us. The course exceeded my expectations. Everybody enjoyed the 2 days, and the practical experiences that Brian and Kevin could draw upon made the course truly valuable. The course made us reflect and helped everybody learn more about their own personality characteristics. Not only has it helped our team members deal with internal work situations, it has also improved their confidence and capabilities for when they’re dealing with Razorblue’s clients.

Mark Wilkinson, Director
Razorblue Group Ltd

We had identified a Head of Risk for the IT, Property and Procurement departments and wanted to demonstrate progress embedding the Society’s Risk Framework before that person was able to join us. BLMS Consulting were the ideal choice to fill this gap. Their experience is clear, but it was their flexibility which was important. In a short period of time they were able to deliver real benefit which will have lasting impact.

Tom Clark, CIO
Leeds Building Society